Elementary / Сценарии на английском языке для детей

Сценарии на английском языке для детей

Сценарии на английском языке для детей одинСценарии на английском языке для детей два

Сценарий сказки FLOP на английском языке для учащихся 2 класса.

Разработка учителя английского языка Васильковой В.М.

Author: Welcome to the fairy tale FLOP! Flop is a frog. She lives in a lake. She is a big green frog. She lives in a lake.

She can see with her eyes. She can jump with her legs.

I see green, I see yellow, I see pink, I see brown.

I see that funny fellow, I stand up and I sit down.

I see white, I see black, I see red, I see blue.

I see this and that and that. I see you and you, and you.

Author: Flop has got two friends, two big white birds. Their names are Jack and Chat.

Jack: Hi! My name is Jack. I am not small!

I can carry the wind on my back.

When it blows, I’ll blow too.

That’s not very hard to do.

Chat:Hello! My name is Chat.I like to play with Jack and Flop.

The more we are together, For your friends are my friends.

Together, together And my friends are your friends.

The more we are together The more we are together

The merrier we’ll be. Together, together

The more we are together

The merrier we’ll be

Author: They have got another friend. It’s a clock. They like to speak to it in the morning.

Frog: Good morning, Clock! What is the time?

Clock: Now it’s six o’clock’

Six o’clock, six o’clock.

Now it’s six o’clock

And what do you do at six o’clock?

Jack, Chat! It’s time to get up!

Jack and Chat: We are getting up.

Jack asks the Clock: Excuse me.

Jack: Can you tell me the time, please?

Now it’s seven o’clock

Seven o’clock, seven o’clock.

Now it’s seven o’clock

And what do you do at seven o’clock?

Jack: We do exercises.

Flop, Chat! Let us do exercises!

Clap, clap, clap your hands, clap your hands together!

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet, stamp your feet together!

Spin, spin, spin around spin around together!

Sing, sing a song, sing a song together!

Wink, wink, wink your eyes, wink your eyes together!

Dance, dance, dance about, dance about together!

Shine, shine, shine your shoes, shine your shoes together!

Wash, wash, wash your face, wash your face together!

March, march to bed, march to bed together!

Chat asks the Clock: Can you tell me the time, please?

Clock: Now it’s eight o’clock.

Eight o’clock, eight o’clock.

Now it’s eight o’clock

And what do you do at eight o’clock?

Frog: I take a shower.

Jack, Chat: We wash our hands and faces.

Clock: Now it’s nine o’clock. What are you doing?

Frog, Jack and Chat: We are having breakfast. Will you join us?

Clock: With great pleasure!

Author: After breakfast they usually play games.

Frog: Breakfast is over! We can play!

We can play the whole day!

Basketball and volleyball

And the boys can play football!

Author: One day the birds say:

We want to go to another lake.

Frog: My good friends take me with you! I want to go to another lake too.

Jack and Chat: OK!

Jack: Can you see that stick?

Chat: Put the stick into your mouth in the middle.

Jack: I take one end of the stick and Chat takes the other end.

Chat: But remember!

Jack and Chat: YOU MUST NOT SPEAK!

Author: Now they are flying.

Children: 1-Oh, look at those birds! They are so nice!

2-They are flying! They are flying like clouds!

3-I want to be a cloud too. Do you want to be a cloud?

1- Oh, yes, I do. I want to be a cloud too.

I am a fluffy little cloud Frightening the lightning

Floating in the sky Chasing off the rain

Chilling up the raindrops Making sure the sun

So they won’t cry. Comes out again.

Children: Hi, Birds!

The birds: Pe-pe-pe!

Children: 3- Oh, look! What have the birds got? Isn’t it a clock?

1- Yes, I think it’s a clock.

2- It’s a big clock.

Frog: No, I am not a clock! I am a frog.

Author: The frog falls down.

Сценарий сказки The SNOW QUEEN на английском языке для учащихся 3 класса.

Разработка учителя английского языка Васильковой В.М.

Author 1: Good morning ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and welcome! Today we are going to share a story about

friendship and the power of love.

A 2: Welcome to the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”

A 1: Once there lived a boy and a girl in a big town. Their names were Gerdah and Kai. They were not a sister and a brother.

A 2: Their parents lived opposite each other in two attic rooms. But they were very good friends. They liked to dance, play

and grow roses together.

Kai: Gerdah, look at our roses! They are so beautiful.

Gerdah: Oh! They’re in bloom. They are really nice.

Kai: Almost as beautiful as you! Gerdah, I want you to know that you’re my best friend in the whole world and I will always

Gerda: And. and you’re my best friend, too. I’m so happy to be here with you and your Grandmother.

Come, my friend, and dance with me. It is fun to dance with you.

It is easy, you can see. And it isn’t hard to do.

One step back, one step out, One step back, one step out.

Then you turn yourself about. Then you turn yourself about

Author 1: Youth is Sweet, but, cannot stay;

Like a rose, it fades away.

GERDA & KAI: (in harmony) When at last the roses fall.

And we hear old winter’s call;

All my life will sweeter be;

Knowing you were here with me.

Author 2: Life is fragile as a flower;

Blooming, fading in an hour;

Youth is sweet, but, cannot stay;

Like a rose, it fades away.

Cranny: Kai, Gerdah! You are my flowers. Come here! Tea is ready. Would you like to have tea?

Kai and Gerdah: With great pleasure, granny. We’re coming.

A 1: Soon summer was over and winter came. It was a very cold winter.

A 2: The Snow Queen often came to that city. One day she saw Kai and she liked him.

Kai: Gerdah! Look at these snowflakes. They look like lovely flowers.

Gerdah: Granny, is it true that snowflakes have a queen?

Granny: Yes, my dear. The Snow Queen has an icy heart. She doesn’t know what love is.

Gerdah: Can she come here?

Kai: A silly little girl! It’s just a fairy tale. Now I am going to the square to play wit some boys.

Gerdah: May I go with you?

Kai: No, I want to go there alone!

Gerdah: Oh granny, something has happened to him!

A 1: The Snow Queen took the boy away with her. She brought him to her Ice Palace of Ice far, far north at the top of the world.

A 2: Gerdah was so unhappy. She wanted to find her friend and bring him back home.

Gerdah: I had a friend. He always helped me

We liked to play. When I was in need.

We played together Oh, where is my friend.

Every day. Good friend indeed?

I must find him!

A 1: The Snow Queen tried to turn Kai’s heart into a piece of ice.

Snow Queen: Are you cold Kai?

Kai: No, I don’t feel cold.

S.Q.: Do you like these ice flowers?

Kai: Yes. They look perfect.

S.Q.: It is good Kai. You are very clever.

Kai: But these flowers have no smell. Gerdah’s and my roses smell nice!

S.Q.: Do you remember Gerdah? It’s bad. You must forget her.

Kai: Do you want me to stay here?

S.Q.: You are a very smart boy. Soon you will forget everything. And remember, my flowers are the best. People are silly.

Soon all of them will have ice hearts!

A 2: Gerdah looked for her friend for a long time. At last she saw Kai

(Kai is sitting on the floor and building figures from ice)

Gerdah: Kai, my dear Kai! I have found you!

Kai: Watch out! You will break my figures! (He continues to build)

Gerdah: Kai! It’s me, Gerdah. Do you remember our roses?

Kai: I remember nothing, I don’t want to remember anything.

Gerdah: Kai, lovely Kai! (Gerdah cries).Do you remember our song?(starts singing).

Kai: Oh, it is so hot in my heart (a metal sound like ice is heard). Gerdah, it is you! I am so happy to see you again!

The author 1: Suddenly the Snow Queen appeared in the throne hall from a blizzard.

Snow Queen: How dare you come here, little girl. Nobody dare break my ice rest. I will freeze you!

Kai: Don’t touch my sister! I shall stand up for her!

Snow Queen: Ha–ha, a naive boy. Do you really think that you can resist me, the Snow Queen?

Gerdah: I am not afraid of you!I love him so much!

Snow queen:Love?! What is it? They are burning me! It is bad for me! I am melting. (She escapes)

Author 2: Kai and Gerdah are at home again. They are happy!

Author 1: Friendship and love is a great thing!

The more we are together, For my friends are your friends.

Together, together And your friends are my friends.

The more we are together The more we are together

The stronger we’ll be. Together, together

The more we are together

The stronger we’ll be.

Р азработка сказки Flowers

Author: Good morning everybody, and welcome, to the spring forest! The flowers are having ameeting now. They arc discussing when to come to the gardens and fields. Let us listen to them!

Queen of the flowers: One, two, three.

Come to my party

Today, if you please.

Roses and lilies

Will dance in the breeze.

Bright yellow candles

Will bow to the blue.

All will be dancing

And I'll dance with you.

Queen of the flowers:My dear flowers! Spring is here. When are you coming to the gardens and fields?

Flowers:We are coming, we are coming.

Queen of the flowers: Who is coming first?

Snowdrop: I am first to come. I come when the snow is on the ground. I have a white dress. My name is Snowdrop. Don't you think 1 am pretty?

In the heart of a seed.

Buried deep, so deep! A little snowdrop

Lay fast asleep!

"Wake!" said the sunshine.

"And creep to the light!" "Wake!" said the voice

Of the raindrops bright.

The little snowdrop heard.

And it rose to see

What the wonderful world

Outside might he.

Violet:And I come next. I don't like snow. It is cold when the snow is on the ground. I like warm days. My dress is violet. And now, yon surely know that I am Violet?

Sweet and fresh are violets

On every hill and dell

And, oh, how beautiful

How lovely do they

Lily of the Valley:My name is Lily of the Valley. I think you all like my small white bells.

Daffodil: I come next. I am yellow like the sun. I like to dance in the wind. My name is Daffodil.

Buttercup: I am the last who comes in spring. I have a pretty yellow dress too. My name is Buttercup.

Across the meadow

And up the hill

Their golden loveliness

Author:Do you hear the cries? Who is crying in the wood?

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Cries in the wood

Happy and gay are children in May

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Cries in the wood

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Cries in the wood

Cuckoo is here, summer is near

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Cries in the wood

Cries in the wood

Now let us sing and dance in a ring.

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Cries in the wood

Queen of the flowers:Here comes summer. Who are summer flowers?

Bluebell:I am the flower of Summer. I am Bluebell. I am blue like the sky and my dress looks like a bell.

Sunflower:And I am like the golden sun. You can find me in the fields as well. My name is Sunflower.

Poppy:I come in Summer too. My name is Poppy. I have two dresses - red and yellow.

Rose:All of you know me very well and like my sweet smell. Can't you guess me yet? Yes, you can, of course. I am Rose. I have many pretty dresses - red, yellow, pink and white. I come when the sun is hot. Then I smell lovely and you know that I am here.

Queen of Flowers:I see. Thank you, dear flowers. Now you know when to come. So go to the gardens and fields and make them beautiful. Good-bye, darlings.

Author: Come, flowers, let us dance.

Let us dance and sing.

As we go round and round

In a merry ring.

Сценарии на английском языке для детей три

Winnie the Pooh

Author1: Welcome to the world of wonders! We are going to the forest.

Author2: Different animals live in the forest. Will you meet Winnie the Pooh and his faithful friends?

Author1: This is Eyore, a donkey, who has his birthday today but nobody knows about it.That is why he is so sad.

Eeyore: Pathetic! That's what it is. Pathetic.

(Then he looked at himself in the water again.)

As I thought. No better from this side. But nobody cares. Pathetic, that's what it is.

(There was a loud noise in the grass behind him, and Pooh came out.)

Pooh: Good morning, Eeyore.

Eeyore: Good morning, Pooh Bear. If it is a good morning.

Pooh: Why, what's the matter?

Eeyore: Nothing, Pooh Bear, nothing.

Pooh: You seem so sad, Eeyore.

Eeyore: Sad? Why should I be sad? I'm not sad. It's my birthday. The happiest day of the year.

Pooh: Your birthday?

Eeyore: Of course it is. Can't you see? Look at all the presents I have had. Look at the birthday cake and the candles.

(Pooh looked— first to the right and then to the left.)

Pooh: Presents? Birthday cake? Where?

Eeyore: Can't you see them?

Eeyore: Neither can I. Joke.

(Pooh scratched his head, being a little puzzled by all this)

Pooh: But is it really your birthday?

Pooh: Many happy returns of the day.

Eeyore: It's bad enough. I am so miserable my­self with no presents and no cake and no candles, but if others are going to be miserable too.

Pooh: Don’t worry! Stay there! I’ll be back in a minute!

Author2: He hurried back home as quick as he could. He felt that he must get poor Eeyore some sort of a present at once.

Author1: Outside his house he found Piglet. He was jumping up and down, trying to reach the knocker.

Pooh: Hallo, Piglet.

Piglet: Hallo, Pooh.

Pooh: What are you trying to do?

Piglet: I was trying to reach the knocker.

Pooh: Let me do it for you. I have just seen Eeyore and poor Eeyore is very sad, be­cause it's his birthday, and nobody knows it. Why doesn't the person who lives here open the door? He's awfully slow. ( And he knocked again.)

Piglet: But Pooh, it's your own house!

Pooh: Oh! So it is. Well, let's go in.

Author2: So in they went. First of all Pooh went to the cupboard to see if he had quite a small jar of honey left; and he had, so he took it down.

Pooh:I'm giving this to Eeyore as a present. What are you going to give?

Piglet: Can't I give it too? From both of us?

Pooh: No. That will not be a good plan.

Piglet: All right, then, I'll give him a balloon. I've got one left from my party. I'll go and get it now, shall I?

Pooh: That, Piglet, is a very good idea. It is just what Eeyore wants to cheer him up. A balloon will cheer anybody up.

(So Piglet trotted off; and Pooh went off in the other direc­tion with his jar of honey.)

Author1: It was a warm day, and Pooh had a long way to go. Sud­denly he had a sort of funny feeling. It was just as if somebody inside him was saying, "Now then, Pooh, time for a little something."

Pooh: Dear, dear. I didn't know it was as late as that.

Author2: So he sat down and took the top off his jar of honey.

Pooh: What luck that I brought this with me.

Now let me see, where was I going? Ah, yes, Eeyore.

Oh! I have eaten Eeyore's birthday present.

What shall I do? I must give him something.

Well, it's a very nice pot, even if there's no honey in it. Everyone can keep things in it.

Author1: Piglet ran as fast as he could so as to give Eeyore a present. But suddenly he fell down on his face.

Piglet: Well, that's funny, I wonder what that bang was. And where's my balloon? And what's that small piece of damp rag doing?

Oh, dear! Oh, dear, oh dear! Well, it's too late now. I can't go back, and I haven't another balloon, and perhaps Eeyore doesn't like balloons so very much.

Good morning, Eeyore!

Eeyore: Good morning, little Piglet. If it is a good morning. Which I doubt. But it doesn't matter.

Piglet: Many happy returns of the day.

(Eeyore stopped looking at himself in the stream and looked at Piglet.)

Eeyore: Just say that again.

Piglet: Many hap—

Eeyore: Wait a moment.

(He pushed his right ear forward with his foot to hear better.)

Piglet: Many happy returns of the day.

Eeyore: Meaning me?

Piglet: Of course, Eeyore, and I've brought you a present. It's a balloon.

Eeyore: Balloon? Did you say balloon?

Piglet: Yes, but I'm afraid — I'm very sorry, Eeyore — but when I was running along to bring it to you, I fell down. The balloon burst when I fell!

(There was a very long silence.)

Eeyore: My balloon?"

My birthday balloon?

Piglet: Here it is. (And he gave Eeyore the small piece of damp rag.)

Eeyore: Is this it?

Thank you, Piglet, but what colour was this balloon when it — when it was a balloon?

Eeyore: Red. My favourite colour. How big was it?

Piglet: About as big as me.

Piglet: About as big as Piglet. My favourite size. Well, well.

(Piglet felt very miserable, and didn't know what to say. He was still opening his mouth to begin something, when he heard a shout from the other side of the river, and there was Pooh.)

Pooh: Many happy returns of the day.

Eeyore: Thank you, Pooh.

Pooh: I've brought you a little present. It's a useful pot. Here it is. And it's for putting things in.

(When Eeyore saw the pot, he became quite excited.)

Eeyore: Why! I think my balloon will just go into that pot!

Thank you. I have presents! You are my faithful friends!

Author1: Once upon a time there was a place called Spice Country. In the capital of the country, in its main square there was the Pepperpot Palace where Queen Salt and her favourite son Prince] Pepper lived.

Author2: Prince Pepper was very rich. He had a lot of food but he liked mustard very much. He couldn't live without mustard.

Author1: In a poor little house which stood on the bank of the river near the bridge there lived a little girl, Sarah Sweet by name. She was the Prince’s friend.

Author2: One day she went to visit Prince Pepper. She found him in bed as he was ill.

Doctor: He is in danger.He is very ill. He can't eat food without mustard and we can't find any mus­tard in the shops.

Sarah: No mustard? I don't believe it. There is a lot of mustard in our Spice Country.

Queen: But it is not the right kind. It must be magic mustard. And someone has stolen all the Prince's magic mustard seeds. We have told the police, but they can't find the seeds. We think the Vinegar Witch has done it, but she won't talk to anyone but sweet, young girls.

Doctor: Why! You're a sweet, young girl. Will you help us?

Sarah: Of course I will. I will do whatever you say. But where does the Witch live? How can I get there?

Queen:Сценарии на английском языке для детей четыре She lives with her cat Midnight in a castle which is situated in the mountains. I’m afraid it’ll be a dangerous journey.

Sarah: I'm sure I'll find it! Don’t worry! Goodbye, everyone.

Queen, Doctor: Good luck, dear!

Author1: Sarah was sure she could get to the Witch by plane. So she took a taxi and went to the airport.

Author2: It took her 10 minutes to get there.

Sarah: I would like a ticket to the Wild Wood.

Cashier: Just a minute. I think flight 305 is the best for you.

Sarah: When is the flight?

Sarah: Excellent. How much is the ticket?

Cashier: Business or tourist class?

Sarah: Tourist class, please. Business class is too expensive.

Author1: As she had no luggage, very soon she was on the plane in the blue sky.

Author2: The trip was not long, A few minutes later the magic plane was under a big old tree. Sarah was in the middle of the Wild Wood. Author1: She didn't know where to go.

Sarah: How can I get out of here?

Tree: Can't you find the road? Speak up! I can't hear you! Don't they teach you to speak English at school?

Sarah: Please, sir. I'm looking for some magic mustard seeds.

Tree: The Vinegar Witch may have some, but I'm not sure.

Sarah: How can I find her?

Tree: Don't you know how to read a map? What do they teach you at school these days?

Sarah: I haven't got a map, I'm afraid," said Sarah. There aren't any of the Wild Wood.

Tree: Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. Let me explain. The road to the Witch's cottage is to the left of the road leading to the main magic square and this road is to the right of the road leading to the magic airport.

Sarah: I don’t understand what you mean. Could you explain it to me again?

Tree: Certainly not. You young people must learn to work without help. Well, hurry up! You can't stay here all day long. Use your head and your feet.

Author2: Sarah tried to draw a map, but found she couldn't, so she decided to go straight ahead.

Author1: It was difficult to walk because it was dark. She wanted to take a bus, but couldn't as there were no buses in the Wild Wood. So she had to go on foot.

Author2: By the time she saw the Witch's home it was already morning. She went up to the castle and saw that the key was in the door. She opened it and went in.

Witch: Come up here. Hello, my dear. Welcome to my castle. I don't have many visitors these days. Why have you come here?

Sarah: I'm looking for some magic mustard seeds. They say somebody has stolen them. But some people say you have them. Is that true?

Witch: Perhaps the people who say that are right. The magic seeds are in one of these boxes.

Sarah: Which one?

Witch: We are not going to tell her that, are we, Midnight? You must guess.

Sarah opens a box.

Author1Sarah ran out of the Witch's castle in a great hurry.

It took her a long time to find her way out of the Wild Wood. At last she could see the tall tower of Pepperpot Palace over the tops of the trees.

Doctor: Here you are.

Sarah: I have found them. Now Prince Pepper will feel better.

Doctor and Queen: Well done!

Author2: The Queen went to the kitchen. And brought the son a ham sandwich with magic mustard in it.

Prince : How wonderful!

Queen: What has happened

Prince : Nothing. But the mustard is so hot. I have never eaten such hot mustard. Oh, my! What shall I do? It's burning inside.

Sarah: Oh dear, I'm sorry! That's why the Witch smiled so nastily. But she didn't know I had magic water. Drink it.

Prince : Oh! I feel fine.

Why don't we have a party with everybody's favourite food?

Doctor and Queen: He is out of danger! Let’s have fun! Come to the party!

CHARACTERS : Snow White, Queen, Seven Dwarfs, Huntsman, Prince, Narrator, Mirror

Narrator : Once upon a time there lived a King and a Queen. One day the Queen gave birth to a baby daughter whose skin was as white as snow, and whose cheeks were bright red. She called her little girl Snow White.

Unfortunately, soon after that, the Queen died. A year later the King married again.

The new Queen was very beautiful but too proud of her own beauty. Each day the vain Queen consulted her magic mirror:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

You, my queen, are fairest of all.

Narrator: And then she knew for certain that no one in the world was more beautiful than she.

Meanwhile, Snow White grew up and turned into a lovely girl. She was as lovely as the bright day.

The new Queen : Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

You, my queen, are fair; it is true.
But Little Snow-White is still
A thousand times fairer than you.

Narrator: When the queen heard the mirror say this, she became pale with envy . She was horrified.

Queen : (calls one of her huntsman) : Huntsman! Take this child away, deep into the forest and kill her, for I can no longer bear the sight of her!

Huntsman But Your Majesty! The little princess.

Queen : Silence! You know the penalty if you fail.

Huntsman : [resigned] Yes, your Majesty.

Queen : But to make doubly sure you do not fail, bring back her heart in this.

The huntsman took Snow-White into the woods.

Snow White: Please do not kill me. If you spare me, I’ll go further into the forest and I promise I’ll never return home again.

Huntsman: Run away then, my poor child. (To the audience: the wild beasts will soon devour the poor girl.)

(A table with a white cloth, seven plates, knives, forks, spoons, glasses.)

Snow White: Oh, how it is dark here and nobody around! What shall I do? Where shall I

sleep when night comes? ( видит домик ) Oh, what a nice little cottage! It looks like a toy.

Who lives there? ( стучит в дверь ) Is anybody here? May I come in? ( заходит ) Oh, dust everywhere! The plates are dirty. I must clean everything here. ( музыка. Белоснежка протирает посуду на столе, подметает пол) I’m so tired! I’ll just lie down on this little bed ( ложится на лавку, засыпает )

Narrator: The cottage belonged to seven dwarfs who, when it became dark, returned home. They had spent all day in the mountains, digging for gold.

Музыка. Входят гномы.

1 гном (настороженно): Hush! There’s somebody in here!

2 гном ( испуганно ): It’s a burglar!

3 гном (подбегая к столу и разглядывая тарелки): But nothing is missing!

4 гном : May be it’s a monster?

(все гномы ахают хором от испуга)

5 гном : I’m afraid of it!

6 гном : But we must know who is there!

7 гном : Look! Look! It’s a girl! She is sleeping.

(гномы обступают спящую Белоснежку, рассматривают ее)

1 гном: How beautiful she is!

2 гном : Her face is as white as snow.

3 гном : Wak е up, wake up, please! (трясет ее за плечо)

Snow White: (просыпается, потягивается, видит гномов) Изумленно: Oh, my! You are dwarfs!

Snow White : I’m Snow White. The Queen, my stepmother, ordered the huntsman to kill me but he spared my life. May I stay here? I can keep the house for you. I can do many things. I can cook tasty food, bake bread and clean the house.

Гномы ( хором, радостно хлопая в ладоши): Tasty food!

4 гном : You are a very good girl! You can stay with us!

5 th dwarf : We are out all day, working and you will be alone in the house.

4 th dwarf: If your stepmother learns that you are here, she may come and try to do you harm. So don’t let anyone enter the house while we are away.

Snow White: All right. I’ll follow your advice.

Narrator: She was very happy living with the dwarfs. Every evening when they returned home, she had supper ready for them and the house was neat and clean.

Meanwhile the Queen consulted the mirror again :

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

You, my queen, are fair; it is true.
But Little Snow-White beyond the seven mountains
Is a thousand times fairer than you.

Narrator: When the queen heard this, she shook and trembled with anger. Then she went into her most secret room and made a poisoned apple. From the outside it was red and beautiful, and anyone who saw it would want it. Then she disguised herself as a peasant woman, went to the dwarfs' house and knocked on the door.

Queen: Snow-White will die, if it costs me my life!

I’ll find Snow White and kill her myself.

! Смена декораций. Домик в лесу, Белоснежка сидит и вышивает.

Snow White: Oh, how happy I am! My dear dwarfs will come soon.

( раздается стук в дверь) Oh, who is there? Come in, come in, please!

(входит мачеха в плаще с капюшоном) Oh, who are you/

Stepmother: I’m an old woman. I want to drink. Give me some water, please!

Snow White: (наливает в чашку воды, подает мачехе): Here you are!

Stepmother: Thank you, good girl! You are so kind! Have the apple. It is so tasty. Try it!

Snow White: Thanks a lot! (откусывает яблоко) Ah! (падает на лавку)

Stepmother ( откидывая капюшон с головы, радостно): Ha-ha-ha! She is dead! ( уходит )

Narrator: When the dwarfs returned home, they found Snow White lying on the floor, no longer breathing. The dwarfs were heart-broken. For three days and nights they stood round her, mourning.

Музыка. Приходят гномы.

1 гном : Oh, our dear Snow White is dead!

( гномы обступают Белоснежку )

2 гном : She is too beautiful to be buried in the cold earth.

3 гном : What shall we do?

(гномы сидят грустные вокруг Белоснежки)

Story-teller: Suddenly a prince was riding nearby. He heard the dwarfs crying and came to

Музыка. Въезжает на "лошади" принц.

Prince: Hello, my good men! Why are you crying?

4 гном : Our dear Snow White is dead ( плачет ).

5 гном : You must kiss her to wake her up!

Prince: Oh, I’m ready to do it!

(встает на одно колено, целует Белоснежке руку)

Wake up, wake up, please!

Snow White ( просыпается, потягивается ): Oh, where I am?

Prince : You are safe with me. I cannot live without you!

Snow White : Oh, my prince, I’m so happy!

6 гном : Three cheers for Snow White and her Prince!

гномы хором : Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

(все артисты выходят на край сцены)

Story-teller: Very soon Snow White and her Prince got married.

On hearing the news the Queen felt a sharp pain in her heart, fell on the floor and died.

(Артисты, взявшись за руки, кланяются, затем уходят под музыку)

Author 2 Welcome to Cherry Tree Lane.

Author 1 Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, you say? All right. Come along with me.

Nice Little spot, you might say.

Number17's just down a bit.

Author 2 To begin with, it is the smallest house in the Lane. And besides that, it is the only one that

is rather dilapidated and needs a coat of paint. But Mr Banks who owns it told his wife that she could

have either a nice, clean, comfortable house or four children. But not both, for he couldn't afford it.

Author 1 And after Mrs- Banks had given the matter some consideration she came to the conclusion

that she would rather have Jane, who was the eldest, and Michael who came next, and John and Barbara.

who were twins and came last of all. So it was settled and that was how the Banks family came to live at

Katie Nanna : Indeed, Mrs. Brill! I wouldn't stay in this house another minute, not if you heap me with all

the jewels in Christendom.

Ellen: No, no, Katie Nanna, don't go! Katie Nanna

Katie Nanna Stand away from that door my girl

Ellen: But what am I gonna tell the master about the children?

Katie Nanna: It's no concern of mine. Those little beasts have run away from me for the last

time. I said my say, and that's all I'll say. I've done with this house.

Ellen: Now, now, Katie Nanna! Mrs. Banks! She's home!

Katie Nanna: Mrs. Banks, I would like a word with you.

Mrs. Banks: And Mrs. Ainslie, she was carried off to prison, singing and scattering pamphlets all the way!

Katie Nanna: I'm glad you're home, madam. I've always given the best that's in me.

Mrs. Banks: On, thank you, Katie Nanna. I always knew you were one of us.

We're clearly soldiers in petticoats

Марширует с прислугой под музыку.

Katie Nanna: Mrs. Bank

Mrs. Banks: What is it, Katie Nanna?

Katie Nanna: Mrs. Banks, I have something to say to you.

Mrs. Banks: Where are the children?

Katie Nanna: The children, madam, to be precise, are not here. They've disappeare d again.

Mrs. Banks: Katie Nanna, this is really too careless of you. Doesn't it make the third tim e this week?

Katie Nanna: The fourth, madam. And I for one have had my fill of it. I'm not one to

speak ill of the children, but-

Mrs. Banks: Oh, please, when do you expect them home?

Katie Nanna: l really couldn't say. And now if you'd be good enough to compute my wages, I'll-

Mrs. Banks: Oh, gracious, Katie Nanna! You're not leaving?

What will Mr. Banks say? He's going to be cross

Katie Nanna: My wages, if you pleas

Mr. Banks: Hello, Katie Nanna. That must be heavy. Allow me

Katie Nanna: Hmph!

Mr. Banks: What a very pretty hat.

When I return from daily strife, to hearth and wife

How pleasant is the life I lead

Mrs. Banks: Oh dear! At last you are here. It’s about the children.

Mr. Banks: Yes, yes, yes. Winifred, where are the children?

Mrs. Banks: They're not here, dear.

Mr. Banks: What? Well, of course they're here! Where else would they be?

Mrs. Banks: I don’t know George.

Mr. Banks: You don't know?

Mrs. Banks: Well, they're missing. Katie Nanna has looked everywhere.

Mr. Banks: Very well. I'll deal with this at once.

Give me the police station, quickly, please;

What, uh— yes. George Banks here. Yes. 17 Cherry TreeLane.It's

a matter of some urgency.

I should like you to send a policeman around immediately.

Mrs. Banks: The policeman's here, George!

Mr. Banks: What? Oh, how very prompt. What wonderful service. Thank you so

Goodnight. Come in, constable. Come in.

Constable: Thank you, sir. While going about my duties on the other side of

the park, I noted some valuables that had gone astray. I believe they're yours, sir.

Mr. Banks: Valuables? Children, come here at once. Well?

Constable: Oh, I wouldn't be too hard on 'em, sir. They've had a long, weary walk

Mr. Banks: I'm very grateful to you, Constable, for returning the children. And I'm sure that if you

go to the kitchen, Cook' ll find you a plate of something.

Constable: Thank you, sir. I shall now return to my duties.

Mr. Banks : Ellen, take Jane and Michael upstairs straightaway.

Mrs. Banks: I'm sorry, dear, but when I chose Katie Nanna, I thought she

would be firm with the children. She looked so solemn and cross.

Mrs. Banks: I'll try to do better next time.

Mr. Banks : Next time? My dear, you've engaged six nannies in the

last four months! And they've all been unqualified disasters.

Mrs. Banks: I quite agree.

Mrs. Banks: Now is the time for action. Give me The Times, please. No, I do not know the number. The Times? George Banks here. 17 Cherry Tree lane. I wish to place an advertisement in your column

Author Next day Jane and Michael stood at the window waiting for a new nurse.

The strong East Wind was blowing.

Jane Look, there is Daddy!

Michael It’s not Daddy. It’s somebody else.

Author 2 . And really it was not Mr. Banks. It was a wom­ an. She was holding

her hat with one hand and was carrying a bag in the other.

And then some thing curious happened.

Author 1 When the woman opened the gate of the garden the East Wind caught

her and carried her quickly to the door of the house.

Michael How funny! I’ve never seen that happen before.

Jane Let’s go and see who it is!

Mrs Banks You'll find that they are very nice children and that they give no trouble at all

Mary Poppins Oh, I make it a rule never to give references

Mrs Banks But I thought it was usual. I mean— I understood people always did.

Mary Poppins A very old-fashioned idea, to my mind Very old- fashioned. Quite out of date, as you might say.

Mrs Banks Very-well then. We won't bother about them. I only asked, of coarse, in case you required it.

The nursery is upstairs.

Author Certainly she followed Mrs. Banks upstairs, but not in the usual way. With her

large bag in her hands she slid gracefully up the banisters, and arrived at the

landing at the same time as Mrs. Banks. Such a thing, Jane and Michael

knew, had never been done before. Down, of course, for they had often

done it themselves. But up – never! They gazed curiously at the strange new

Why, children (noticing them suddenly).

What are you doing there? This is your new nurse, Mary Poppins. Jane.

Michael, say how do you do! And these( waving her hand at the babies in

their cots) – are the Twins

Author Mary Poppins regarded them steadily, looking from one to the other as

though she were making up.

Michael : Will we do?

Mrs. Banks : Michael, don’t be naughty

Author Mary Poppins continued to regard the four children searchingly. Then, with a

long, loud sniff that seemed to indicate that she had made up her mind (she said)

Mary Poppins: I’ll take the position.

Mrs. Banks : Great! Children will you show Mrs Poppins her room?

Jane : How did you come? It looked just as if the wind blew you here.

Mary Poppins: It did.( she said briefly)

And she proceeded to unwind her muffler from her neck and to take off her hat, which she hung on one of the bedposts.

As it did not seem as though Mary Poppins were going to say any more – though she sniffed a great deal – Jane, too, remained silent. But when she bent down to undo her bag, Michael could not restrain himself.

Michael: What a funny bag! ( pinching it with his fingers)

Mary Poppins: Carpet (putting her key in the lock)

Michael: You mean to carry carpets in?

Mary Poppins: No. Made of.

Jane: This is your room, and there is a lovely view of the park.

Mary Poppins: Hmmm. Well, it’s not exactly Buckingham Palace. Still, it’s clean.

Yes, I think it will be quite suitable. Just needs a touch here and

there. Well, first things first.

I always say, the place to hang a hat is on a hat stand. Ah! This will

never do! I much prefer

seeing all of my face at the same time.

There – But there was nothing in it.

Mary Poppins: Never Judge by their appearance. Even carpetbags. I’m sure. I

never do. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Mmm, a little more light.

Michael: We better keep an eye on this one. She’s tricky.

Jane: She’s wonderful.

Mary Poppins: Much better! Now, let me see. That’s funny. I always carry it with me.

It must be here somewhere.

Mary Poppins: My tape measure

Michael: What do you want it for?

Mary Poppins: I want to see how you two measure up. Well, that’s the funniest thing I ever saw. I know it’s down here somewhere. Ah, ha-ha-ha-ha! Here

it is. Good. Come along, then. Quickly. Head up, Michael. Don’t

slouch. Just as I thought. Extremely stubborn and suspicious.

Michael: I am not!

Mary Poppins: See for yourself.

Michael: “Extremely stubborn and sus

Mary Poppins: Suspicious. Now you, Jane. Mmm. “Rather inclined to giggle. Doesn’t

put things away”

Michael: How about you?

Mary Poppins: Very well. Hold this for me. As I expected. “ Mary Poppins. Practically

perfect in every way.

Jane: Mary Poppins! Is that your name? It’s Lovely.

Mary Poppins: Thank you. I’ve always liked it.

Well, and now let’s play a game!

Mary Poppins: Very well, then. Our first game is called "well begun is half done."

Michael: I don't like the sound of that.

Mary Poppins: Otherwise entitled, "let's tidy up the nursery."

Michael: I told you she was tricky.

Mary Poppins: Shall we begin?

Jane: It is a game, isn't it, Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins: Well, it depends on your point of view. You see.

In every job that must be done,

There is an element of fun.

You find the fun, and snap!

The job's a game.

And every task you undertake

Becomes a piece of cake

A lark, a spree it's very clear to see

That a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

The medicine go down

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

In a most delightful way

A robin feathering his nest

Has very little time to rest

While gathering his bits of twine and twig

Though quite intent in his pursuit,

He has a merry tune to toot

He knows a song will move the job along

For a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

The medicine go down

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

In a most delightful way

The honeybees that fetch the nectar from the flowers to the comb

Never tire of ever buzzing to and fro

Because they take a little nip from every flower that they sip

Author And that is how Mary Poppins came to live at number Seventeen, Cherry-

Под музыку выходят все артисты но поклон.

Сцена из Гарри Поттер

Author:A scene from Harry Poter by Rowling.

Night, in the great hall. It is Halloween. Everyone is eating candy, and having a good time.

Harry: Where's Hermione?

Neville: Parvati Patil said that she wouldn't come out of the girl's bathroom. She said that she'd been in there all afternoon. crying.

Professor Quirrell : TROLL! IN THE DUNGEON! T-TROOLLL IN THE DUNGEON! Thought you ought to know.

The room is silent, and then everyone freaks, screaming and running.

Dumbledore: SILLLLLEEENNNNCEEEEE! Everyone will please, not panic. Now, Prefects will lead their houses back to the dormitories. Teachers will follow me to the dungeons.

Author: Percy is leading the house down a hall.

Percy: Gryffindors. keep up please. And stay alert!

Harry: How could a troll get in?

Ron: Not by itself. Trolls are really stupid. Probably people playing jokes. What?

Harry: Hermione! She doesn't know!

The two run off, down corridors. They start running down a hall when they stop, because there is a grunting noise. Harry pulls Ron into a doorway and a large, ugly TROLL thunks by into a room.

Harry : He's going into the Girl's Bathroom! Hermione is inside!

Harry: Hermione, move!

The troll smashes the remaining stalls.

Hermione: Help! Help!

Ron: Hey, pea brain!

Harry gets out his wand. He runs forward and grabs the troll's club, and is lifted up.

Harry: Whooa! Whoa, whoa!

The troll snorts, and whips around.

Harry: Whoa, whoa whoa!

The troll gets Harry off its head and is holding him by one leg, upside down. It gears up its club and swipes at Harry. He pulls himself up, then down. The troll swipes again.

Harry: Do something!

Harry: Anything! Hurry up!

Ron grabs his wand. Under the sink, Hermione waves her hand.

Hermione: Swish and flick!

Ron: Wingardium Leviosa! Ron: Cool.) It hits the troll's head and the troll wavers, then drops Harry, who crawls away, and comes crashing down, hard.

Hermione approaches carefully.

Hermione: Is it. dead?

Harry: I don't think so. Just knocked out. Ew. Troll bogies.

Suddenly, McGonagall, Snape and Quirrell come rushing in.

McGonagall: Oh! Oh, my goodness! E-Explain yourselves, both of you!

Ron and Harry : Well, what it is.

Hermione: It's my fault, Professor McGonagall.

McGonagall: Ms. Granger?

Hermione: I went looking for the troll. I'd read about them and thought I could handle it. But I was wrong. If Harry and Ron hadn't come and found me. I'd probably be dead.

McGonagall: Be that as it may. it was an extremely foolish thing to do.

I would have expected more rational behaviour on your part, Ms. Granger. 5 points will be taken from Gryffindor for your serious lack of judgment. As for you two gentlemen I just hope you realize how fortunate you are. Not many students could take on a full grown mountain troll and live to tell the tale. 5 points. will be awarded to each of you. For sheer dumb luck.

Quirrell: Perhaps you ought to go. M-might wake up. heh. Ahh! Hehe.

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